Content - USTER Think Quality

“Quality – for us it’s a way of life, expressed outwardly in our ‘Think Quality’ slogan. For our customers along the entire textile chain, ‘Think Quality’ is both an invitation and an opportunity.” - Geoff Scott, former CEO Uster Technologies

5 elements of ‘Think Quality’

Clear specification

USTER® STATISTICS provide benchmarks for clear yarn specifications, from which USTER® yarn profiles can be created for many applications. That means spinners can be sure of meeting customer expectations every time. 

Reliable quality measuring

USTER provides a complete range of quality assurance measuring systems, covering the entire production process, from fiber to yarn to fabric. All USTER® systems’ measurements and control data match USTER® STATISTICS values.

Fast production control

USTER provides a unique combination of closely correlating online and laboratory data. This data is the basis for mill set-up and process optimization. It also allows out-of-range production to be halted early, and maximizes process performance.

Application understanding

The master key to quality is application understanding and proper use of quality control instruments. USTER staff transfer this know-how to customers, and it is implemented in each USTER® instrument.

Business sustainability

Think Quality makes a major contribution to customer sustainability initiatives. Fact-based production control, with USTER® quality measurements, supports cost-conscious use of consumables and long-term business sustainability.