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Textile Know-how

Spinning mills today face various challenges. The most important are: 

  • Volatile raw material prices
  • Increased energy costs
  • Shortage of operating personnel
  • Shortage of skilled textile technologists
  • Globalized competition
  • Higher demand for consistent quality

On top of all these challenges, spinning mills need to remain competitive in quality. Now more than ever, yarn quality is the parameter most influencing the market value of the product – as well as the reputation of the spinning mill. It's also recognized that most quality problems, that knitters, weavers and finishers are facing, are traced back to the yarn.

Measuring quality is in USTER’s DNA. The Company has the essential know-how to interpret quality readings to improve the spinning process and the bottom line performance of the spinning mill. It is rooted in knowledge built up over many years, working with customers all over the world.

Good quality is not so difficult to achieve. Difficult to achieve is consistent quality. And that only comes with the know-how USTER shares with its costumers in its instruments, application support and process optimization.